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Thank you for assisting me with my growth in the field of technical management.

I am currently working my way back into management and leadership, as I suffered from the classic: I know I need to do task X, but how do I?

Many of the books I have read were great but they didn't tell me how to do task X (insert your own 27 1/2 simple steps joke here). Thankfully, I have found Manager Tools. Now to get to a Manager Tools conference.

Also, I want to thank Mike and Mark for picking the podcast method of delivery. Not because it is portable, not since I can listen to it in my car, certainly not because I could use it to assist in silencing cubicle chatter or during a workout. I appreciate it because it helps me with strengthening my listening skills.

I am not sure I can thank you and this community enough. Even if my career doesn't end up back in management, I am a better person for listening.

St Paul-MN

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We appreciate you as well. So glad you're here and getting value from our work, and contributing to your community.


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You make a great point: adopting the M-T way may result in career success, but the real gem is that you become a better person.

Good to see you on the forums.


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You nailed one of my favorite things too - practical tools. Practical tools give you something you can really actually do to make a difference. Pardon the jargon, but that empowerment makes all the difference. :)

Oh, and welcome!

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Welcome to the community. Will, it's OK, I use empowerment a lot.

I will concur with you as well. Listening skill have increased tremendously.