Hi all,

I am looking to get some stationery printed to use for writing thank you notes. Does anyone have an example of what it should/could look like?

I was thinking of maybe a 5"x7" or 6"x4" size with my name printed in the centre of the short side in plain font eg Arial or Times New Roman.

I remember bflynn once described what he uses but can't seem to find that thread anymore.

Any suggestions?

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I got some plain cards called "Deckle Ivory - Note Cards" from that have been just dandy. Unfortunately, they no longer seem to stock them. :( Remember what M & M say in the cast... a set of 10 plain cards that say "thank you" that you buy at Target will do just fine.

It's not the card, it's the sending and the content that matter.

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Don't overthink this one...
pmoriarty give great advice.

My only addition is that you buy "mixed" packs of cards, so when you're sending a second (or third!) card to someone, it's not the same format every time.

Ooops - I might be overthinking this... :lol:


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I was just looking at this site:

They have 30% off plus free shipping right now (see home page).

I know that it's not important what the paper is like, but I selfishly enjoy having nice paper to write notes on. I have taken to the flat cards as of late because it's very quick and easy to jot off a quick note without overthinking it.

My personal favorite for paper quality is Crane.

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kat and others -

...And I just found out that if you go to and enter, you'll get codes to reduce the selling price by 50% or more!


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You, sir, are a wonderful man! Thank you so much!

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:wink: Just happy to share a way to reduce cost...I think I paid a total of 17 bucks for my first order of 25 cards. Though I went with a Navy Blue border - just to be different!

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Personally, I found a neat little greeting card place and buy different assortments of ten. Some very classy, some more fun. I use them differentially as I want them to be a reflection of me as well as the relationship.

No matter which one I use I always get positive feedback, so i guess I either: Pick really well Or It doesn't really matter. I'm guessing the later.

I am a High I, and I believe more colorful/modern cards are more effective with fellow High I's. And I'm sure others would disagree.


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I have been sending out dollar store thank you cards (8 for a dollar). I sent a couple out to friends who hosted me for a weekend and when I saw them next, they acted like I had given them a billion dollars.

I don't think you have to spend a lot on the cards, just make sure you send them :)


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There is a recurring theme in this thread. Simple is good.

I believe a note is as good as a card and the fewer frills the better.

One rule - handwritten.

In the UK (forgive me if I am in error - UK MT Crew feel free to admonish) thank you cards or notes following an interview would be rare.