I recently changed jobs after notice that my old firm was downsizing.  I came to a small IT Services firm and entered a position for which I am a tight fit.  One problem: My boss (The Lead PM) is not technically compotent.  I am not stating this as an assumption but more as a statement of what has become an evident fact. 

The problem came to a head last week when 2 left (one was re-assigned and the other resigned), both cited different reasons to HR, but confided in me that they left becasue of the PM.  This person has never been a PM and is now in a position to manage 3 very large tasks.  In my 3 months here I have never seen a Project Plan, a plan narrative, a WBS or anything resembling it.  When questioned on why 'x' or 'y' this person readily asserts their position as the PM and makes some unneccessary or snide comment.  So we have gone from 4 people on the team to one. Me. All cite, the PM as their reason for leaving, but none tell the 'powers that be' that. 

My question is this, how to I set myself up for success in an environment where even the client now recognizes the PM is mostly smoke and mirrors?

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Accomplish the tasks you ARE assigned on time and on budget.  Communicate professionally - which is to say, quickly and clearly - about changes in status in either direction.  Ask for guidance when needed.

And, get your resume ready.  There's a Career Tools cast coming out in 1-2 weeks about our Effective Layoff Response...but really it's about anyone contemplating leaving.