Hi, all:

I'm curious to hear from the high C managers in this forum as to what you think are the top 3 strategies that had made you succesful in your role as manager, i.e. in overcoming the negative traits of a high C, or in employing its strength to your advantage in your managerial role.


I'm a High C High D as far as DISC goes, and have been given multiple inputs (indirectly) to tone down my C-ness to be much more effective in my role. 

What I've done up until now:

1. Agree on a deadline - I find that to settle speediness issue with people who are faster (or dare I say.... reckless :)), a deadline is a good tool.  I would pinpoint a deadline that everybody agrees to and use that deadline as my time frame. When the deadline comes, I make a decision and let go. But before the deadline arrives, don't nag me to decide faster. 

2. Cut my own deadline by 1/3 - To make myself a little "speedier", before I state my required deadline, I would think about it and cut my original deadline by 1/3, and then state my deadline. I'm not always disciplined in doing this, but I try whenever I remember.

3. Decide what's most important, nag and drill down in detail on that one, but let go the rest at good enough, or drop them entirely. I felt that I have a tendency to nag and nitpick every single detail, because they are not thorough in my opinion.  I felt guilty, however, every time I do this, because I felt like I became quite annoying to others. To tone this down, I've been trying to decide what is most important, and give myself permission to nag on that particular thing(s), but let go of the rest or accept good enough.

I wonder what other strategies other high Cs are using to make themselves more effective.  Perhaps we can all "steal" those strategies and use them as well.