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Should I keep rollout of feedback separate in time from rolldown of O3s?  

When a new person, whom I know reasonably well, joins my team during the intial phases of feedback, can I just start giving them positive feedback from Day 1?  

I started my current position ~5 months ago.  I have been doing O3s for 4 months.  I just rolled out feedback at my last staff meeting (two days ago).  I have only given feedback 5 times.  One person joined my team such that his first staff meeting was my feedback rollout.  I think I know him well enough to start feedback as a standard way of doing business from Day 1.  He was my skip, so I know him, but I wasn't doing O3s.  In addition, I have another new direct starting in 4 weeks.  I know him quite well (he is working as a consultant now).  I want to try feedback from Day 1.  Any concerns or warnings?

To a new person feedback is not a change - it is just the way I operate.  If I didn't already know the person (as a skip/consultant) I would not be asking - in this case I know the person, but not as well as I would if I had been doing O3s for a couple months.  

I also want to rolldown O3s - to have my staff start doing O3s with my skips.  Should I wait for a couple weeks/months until they have adjusted to the change of my feedback?

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I would advise against starting feedback with new directs until you have completed the timeline for 03s for them specifically. That means that your new direct needs 12 weeks of 03s before he gets positive feedback. The reason for waiting is to establish a relationship. Without having done the three months of 03s the relationship probably isn’t strong enough to support feedback. I think the answer to your question is right there in your post: you don’t know him as well as you would after a couple months of 03s. There are probably going to be a lot of times when your directs are in different parts of the rollout, but that is totally normal.

It might seem silly now, but imagine if you were at negative feedback. Would you just start negative feedback with a new direct without doing 03s and 8 weeks of positive first? If you did, would that direct appreciate it? Would they value it? Also, since you don’t know this new directs so well, and you’re still practicing, imagine if you fumble a feedback a bit. Maybe it doesn’t come out very well (5 times isn’t that many). A new direct, who hasn’t had 03s with you, might not forgive that. And then feedback loses value for them- they start to see it as silly and disregard it. 

As far as roil down, we recommend that you wait four months after the start of your roll out to begin the roll down. It sounds like you're right there- that’s exciting! Your directs need time to learn what its like to be part of an 03 and to feel the value of it before they implement the change. The time frame helps them understand 03 structure, timing, etc. Id say go for it! 


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Check out the "Rolling out the trinity" email series. It is very helpful. Timely reminders reinforce many points discussed in the various casts. It will help your directs establish a regular cadence regardless of where they are in the cycle. As new directs are hired into the company, the process starts from the beginning. Regards, Dave,.

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Good advice, you need to listen, because I've been using the Rolling Trinity mail for a long time, and everyone in my company is happy with it.