Hi - ive been going through the past 6-months where a few of the newer employees have "questioned" my leadership skills. I see these employees hang out together and they have my leaders ear (who is also new). My leader decided it would be good for me to focus on some projects coming up and post a position to lead my team. Our organization has extremely limited management opportunities so I really feel sidelined and comments about my leadershship are unwarranted to open up management opportunities for themselves.

My struggle is do I let it go and reestablish my skills and focus on these projects or talk with my leader about how I feel?

I'm in agreement with my new duties and fortunately no pay decrease comes with this demotion, it just seems sketchy. Ive been with the organization 15 years in this department so I feel more of a responsibility to speak up when something is not right. Would love to hear your thoughts.

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Hi - Is this a demotion or a lateral move?  You agree with your new duties and they haven't reduced your pay then it sounds like more of a lateral move to me.  However that doesn't necessarily mean your status within the company and/or potential for future growth haven't been hampered.  If it was me I would definitely discuss my concerns with my supervisor.  Hampering my potential for future advancement might have me looking elsewhere for opportunities.  As your supervisor I would want to know what your concerns are and work with you to address them.

Also - who is making these comments?  Are they being made to you or behind your back?  Can you demonstrate to your supervisor that these comments are not true by citing past behaviors and accomplishments?  Most importantly - is there anything in their comments that might be true?  If so it would be an opportunity to learn and grow in areas where you potentially could use improvement. 

In either case - prove them wrong.  Both by what you've done and by what you're going to do.