Most of my work is done in a virtual setting where my people are spread all over the country. The podcasts for the feedback model and 'the shot' have a lot of body language: smile, eye brows, step back, etc. Are there any recommendations for the equivalent of these in a virtual setting?

Also, are of the power of feedback seems to be it's duration - keep it short and quick. How does this work over the phone? There seems to be an expectation that when people talk on the phone, that the duration will be longer, but maybe that's my perception and I just need to make them quick. Suggestions?

I'm afraid to ask this: are there conditions under which feedback should be done through email or IM? I'm assuming no, but maybe I'm missing something.

Let me know if you've seen any part of this covered in another posting


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Phone feedback is FINE.


No change.


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I have 3 directs, all part-time.  We have O3s every two weeks.  Our working schedules do not put us in direct collaboration often, i.e. the work requires us to be in different places with different people (I'm the pastor.  One direct is leading choir practice.  Another leading youth group.)  Can I use email or phone to give feedback?  Just call and say "Can I share something with you?" or "Can I give you some feedback?"?

As i write this, it seems that if I start that process with encouraging and positive feedback, then I can, after several weeks of that, begin to give correcting feedback.

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I would avoid feedback over email.  It gives the person the chance to save the message and beat themselves up over it, reinterpret the message and just generally get hung up on the feedback.

Pick up the phone.  Smile when you talk, it does come through in your voice.  

Better would be to arrange a meeting on their schedule and come  in a little early.  I know you work constantly, but you should have a little flexibility in your schedule.


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 I have remote employees as well, and have been giving feedback over the phone.   I certainly use O3s as a time to do this...they are over the phone also, but I have also made separate calls.  It is working well.  

I believe the premise is to give feedback as often as you can affirmative as well as adjusting.  I suspect that as you provide feedback either in person or over the phone you will begin to see the effective behaviors you are looking for. 

I would never do it in email or IM, it is too impersonal. 

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You make great points with which I am in complete agreement.

Phone feedback works fine, honestly, folks.  And ANY feedback in writing NEVER WORKS.  Because as herctek says, too impersonal.