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I am confused by two MT podcasts concerning what to bring to an interview.  In one of the casts in the Interviewer Series (which is absolutely excellent by the way), Mark recommends to just bring notecards and keep them in your left pocket.  Although I really like this because I think it adds an air of authority and sophistication, I really feel secure about having a pad of paper (and a spare copy of my resume) in my interview.

So, in doing some research, I saw another show on Manager Tools that recommends what to bring to an interview and it includes a folio, resume, paper, work history, etc.  

So which is it?  The “without pad/folio” was dated 2007 and the “with folio” was 2010.  Do I go with the latest one?

I really like the idea of a couple of notecards tucked away in a breast pocket, but want to make sure before I take that leap.


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I would come in with a folio which has several copies of your resume, a pad of paper, and perhaps the schedule of interviews. I would not have your notecards in it. Keep that in your bag locked up in case you forget your bag, it is not easy to find them. Nothing worse than a potential employer finding your notecards!

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I think that it's better to just prepare well, your notes in your pocket will distract you from the interview