I currently work as an IC/ engineer in a FAANG. Im wondering about in terms of long term career advancement, what it the best route to take. Should I try to do a MBA and then come back as some sort of PM, should i try to get a promo to an Engineering Manager? Should I continue down the IC track? The latter, im not really feeling and want some change. Anyone had any similar exp and want to share?


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What don’t you like about being an individual contributor? Have you asked your manager for more responsibility and delivered on commitments? Are there opportunities to lead a team, work with customers or move around to a different department?

I’ve only worked a small company (40 people) where the only chance for promotion is when the company grows or there is an organisation reshuffle. I became a manager because my manager got too busy to manage my coworkers and now everything passes through me. I didn’t ask to be a manager, it just happened one day.

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In my limited experience, large companies tend to suffer from two contradicting pressures:

- too many people want to get promoted compared to the limited number of opportunities, and at the same time

- too few people are ready to be promoted into any of the open positions.

Specifically, think of the 150% rule - you need to do your job 100% and your manager's job 50%, in order to get promoted into his role.

The MBA may help, and may even be mandatory in certain industries, but there are more effective ways to earn a promotion. Results and relationships come to mind. :)


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MBA is a plus and sometimes one of the job requirements for a higher level. But with other companies, this is not mandatory for a promotion, work experience is a lot important or given more points.