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Hey everyone, long time listener brand new licensee.

Does anyone have any examples for goals referred to in the "when you get your goals" series?

Personally i am a leader for software engineers. The "goals" i usually get come in the form of features to implement and i get those from the Product managers, not my department head (vp of engineering). Regardless of this process, it seems to me these are not THE goals referred to here.

Does anyone have example goals (even from other disciplines) to share?

Many thanks

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I too am a new manager for Software engineers. I asked my manager times for goals. What I ended up with was partipate I. key projects. No duh, right?

What I did for my team was to give each of them goals based on meeting, communication, and skill improvements. Specific to each direct's needs and aligned to the upcoming projects.

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What does your boss need you and those "under" you to do?  Your VP needs you to be able to create and maintain software, not just now but later too, and good/fast enough for Sales to keep the company alive and kicking.

You're both providing and using the capability to develop and roll out that software.  Your directs might be writing the software;  you're making sure they've got what they need to write the software -- and to be able to write next month's and next year's chunks of software.

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If those are not the goals referred to you, what do you think are your goals? Have you tried to communicate it with your Product Managers?

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I think your goals are interlinked with other departments or units. You can sort your goals from the overall objectives of the company.