My question is, should I and how could I use our relationships to help me in the application process.

Here's the deal:

My wife is working in a division in another organization where I want to apply for a job. Therefore, due to her relationships, many people know about me (as her husband).

In addition, I work in a similar type post in a nearby sister agency, so I also collaborate with and know other people in her organization. These individuals have a positive perception of my work and I have even been requested to apply for a post in the organization by a high level person.

1. Would it be appropriate to use these contacts to express my interest, contact the supervisor, etc. Or should I just try to keep things at the status quo, i.e. the husband of someone in the unit

2. When I prepare the resume cover letter, is there any additional data or language that I may want to add, since they know me?

3. Would it be considered ethical to contact the supervisor of the vacant post (he is currently my wife’s direct boss in the absence of her current supervisor). I do not really know him and have only spoken to him at a holiday party. Thanks!