If you are serious about raising the professional talent standard in your organization, The Effective Hiring Manager should simply become your official hiring handbook. Every manager should get a copy, absorb the process and then implement the disciplines in the book. The guidance provided here not only resonated with my experiences running large organizations, but they also were attractive to me as a candidate. This book is the only place I have seen impactful hiring guidance like this pulled together in one, actionable volume. Best fit, top talent will be the only people filling open roles in your company and people of this caliber will be the ones attracted to this level of organizational professionalism. In perfect harmony with the guidance of Manager Tools, the advice in this book is straightforward, effective and easy to implement. Sure, it requires discipline and maturity, but since 'hiring the most important managerial practice', you must do this if you aspire to greatness as an organization. Read this, distribute this, practice this, and watch the change take hold.

Daniel McGuire, Managing Partner, Arcturus Advisory Services, LLC