Thanks for introducing DISC to the wider Management Community.
I believe that the way I was introduced to DISC was very good.
My DISC profile was generated through a 360deg process and the results delivered at an Offsite with "Integro - Allan Viel", after learning the characteristics of the 4 groups.
It was very confrunting as you think you know yourself, but seeing yourself as others do, really opens your eyes to your communications blocks.
We were then put through excersizes that showed us our own behaviour and how it effected others.

The whole Division went through this process and it made our teams more effective, the to remember is it's not some magic pill you take and everything will be O.K., as with all Tools/Training, it has to be worked on.

I did the Integro/DISC course almost 10 years ago (& 2 different Company's ago) and still remember those excersizes and how DISC helped me and my teams interact.

I am pleased that you have allowed me to do revision on DISC, and got me thinking of how I can re-apply it to my new work environment.

Mark, Michael please continue to do this great work, getting the Management Community world wide raising the performance bar.

Guy Pilens
NEC - Australia

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Will do. Glad you're a fan of DiSC. We like the purely behavioral nature of it.

It's not who you are. It's not your personality. It's how you behave when you're not thinking how to behave.

And you can behave any way you want if you think about it first.