Thanks for your note about World Cup on the blog. I am not a soccer fan. I like football and baseball. But after your blog post, I took the time to pay attention to what was going on and talk to my manager about it, since he is a HUGE soccer fan. I should have known to do this from your casts, but I never made the connection as to the importance.

It was far more interesting and productive to talk about the game rather than to bash soccer as being boring because I didn't understand the sport. Not saying I understand the game yet, but I do at least now understand why so many people watch after having seen the Germany/Argentina match. Those two teams played at such a higher level than any match I had personally ever seen (mostly US matches) and I finally understood what people see in soccer.

I am looking forward to watch the last two matches this weekend and talking about them with my coworkers around the office on monday.

Thanks for tuning me into why sports can be so important.

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I had a director working for me once who was concerned that she couldn't build the relationship with *my* boss that she wanted. As she was trying very hard, she was incredibly frustrated about the lack of progress.

My boss loved baseball ... she was blown away by the fact that she NEEDED to learn more about BASEBALL to advance her career.

An important lesson that too many people never learn ...