I am working in a consulting industry and for every assignment i have to get introduced to company's CIOs and CEOs. How i can make my introductions to them in a structured way? What is the kind of response CIOs and CEOs expect? Please help me in this.

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For an engagement introduction I usually do an abbreviated one along the lines of: "Hi, I'm Lou from XYZ Consulting's Philadelphia office. I'm here for project X. I'll be leading the Z Initiative."

That way I'm providing general context both personally and professionally. Usually something catches interest (typically a cheesesteak comment) and conversation flows from there. I consider the above to be my 'Oh-no-it's-the-CEO-in-the-elevator ptich'.

By the way, as a note to all consultants and independent people, do remember to look up photos of the EVPs and C-level execs before you start at a new client.

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I like Lou's approach a lot. I recommend it, as long as you don't start sounding like you're giving a little speech.

What I do is, "Mark Horstman. Nice to meet you." Now, I'm told I'm quite personable, and do well in fluid social situations... so I don't think anyone will think I'm a wallflower, or shy or uncomfortable.

I admit - if they don't know who I am, that's okay. Sometime soon they'll figure it out.

I'll tell you what I REALLY like: people who are willing, when they forget my name, if they ask me again: "I am so sorry, I've forgotten your name." That's infinitely better than stony silence....


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Thanks Lou and Mark.