Things are going great folks. The MT approach has made all the difference to my first 45 days as a manager. I credit M&M fully and have been spreading the word to my peers.

Some highlights:

1. One-on-Ones - While everyone seemed reluctant at first, they all seem to now be using them and enjoying them. I need to chase them out after their half hour. Even my surly admin (the most vocal opponent) admits that they are useful. Some of the benefits have been that when my boss asks me what is going on, I actually have an answer. My directs give ME feedback on how I am doing and it's ALL positive...WOW. I hope its not all sycophantic in nature but these are not the type that sucks up much. That's one of the reasons my old boss wouldn't talk to them. It usually started an argument.

2. Strategy - Before I was promoted, I was eager to have a direction set for the department. We are, quite frankly, adrift. Things are going well but that is just because we are in safe waters right now. M&M and the rest of you all advised that I don't make any changes in the first 90 days. I didn't but I have been asking some pointed questions about where my team feels it should be going. Guess what? Just the questions are beginning to make changes in that direction. It seems that the team was just as eager to make a change in the right direction. They WANT to write a mission and vision statement so THEY can know where the department is heading and base their day to day decisions on it.

3. Effective meetings - I got some teasing from other managers about my effective team meetings presentation to my team (blatantly ripped from the pages of MT). What they don't realize is that my team now has a different outlook on our meetings with the "new" format and rules. Our meetings are getting done early, with real OUTPUT. 5 staff meetings and counting and my guy that used to fall asleep at every staff meeting, is acting as facilitator with real energy.

4. Delivering performance reviews - With my original direct (I have been her boss for a year), I used all the MT performance evaluation scripts that I could. I gave her a core message over and over again when I delivered the perf review. I just asked her to repeat her core message...she did! With my new directs, I am doing mid years with their former and my current boss. I will be doing their end years myself with his input on half the year. This is the first time that they had mid years. I went over my (MT's...hehe) ideas about perf reviews with him. He seemed unimpressed and told me that they were going to play me like a fiddle. He was wrong. I ask for feedback on most of the new things I am doing...I'm insecure. Both my original direct and the new directs, ended the reviews with the comment that they had just gotten the most professionally delivered review of their careers! Thanks MT!

Well that's plenty to chew on for now. I'll comment again in a month and a half.

Thanks, Mike and Mark for giving me what I need to do my job right! You really have made a difference!

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I love reading stuff like this. It gives me hope that things can & will change where I work one day!
Nice one :)

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Congratulations! And all the credit for the great results goes to YOU. You did what most don't -- take action!

When we say that effective management is a set of straight-forward, repeatable behaviors, many folks nod their head. Then they fail to put it into action because, deep down, they don't believe it. They still believe that there is some leadership-gene that some have, and they don't. WRONG!

Thanks for sharing the results of disciplined, systemic application ... many, I hope, will gain solace and hope from your results.


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This is just fantastic! I'm so pleased you've had so much success with your first 45 days. I hope you're not sugarcoating it - I'd like to hear the stories about what didn't go so well too - that's just as important...

Thanks again AManagerTool!

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Well done you! Sounds like you're completely on the right track. We are glad to be helping you be more effective.

And just hush, Peter. :wink: In the first 45, first 90, even first 180 days, failures aren't necessarily as important as the successes.

I remember reading a column years ago by Hugh Sidey, about the Presidency of the US. He had been in a meeting, and one of the Pres's advisers had been vehement that there were all kinds of things that could go wrong, all sorts of risks, and didn't this group SEE that the President must be made aware, must be told, the risks explained.

And the Chief of Staff said... all he GETS is bad news. Sometimes what a leader needs is unflinching support.


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Awww cripes I'm sorry... :oops: I guess my motivation was selfish - if all goes as planned I'll be going through exactly the same thing in a week or two and I just wanted to glean as much information as I could from the situation...

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I always wanted to say this to an Honest to God Aussie-

No worries mate.

You've probably heard the old saying, "it's hard to remember you're there to drain the swamp when you're up to your waist in alligators."

For FAR too many managers, the problems is that they stop focusing on the swamp and start looking for alligators.

Swamp, swamp, swamp. (you heard it here first)


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Peter wanted to know what didn't go well:

1. Telling one of my directs that I was "supposed" to ask about their kids...LOL. We got over it, but I never felt so completely like an idiot so rapidly.

2. Coaching Plans - I fumbled through the first one that I tried. It confused rather than enthused my direct. It was completely my fault. I listen to MT while walking my dogs, running on the treadmill etc. I never sit and take notes and got some stuff jumbled up. WHEN ARE YOU GUYS OFFERING THE PREMIUM SERVICE.... I need those transcripts.

3. Managing up - This has never gone well simply because I don't think HE actually knows what his objectives are for the year. Asking him for details about what he expects from me was an exercise in futility. Thank GOD he loves me.

Thanks to everyone for the kind words. I really do credit MT with the success...I am just AManagerTool.

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Thanks for that reply - And I hope I can say later that I never made those mistakes - thanks to you!

But I do agree with Mark - it sounds fantastic what you've put your mind to and achieved in these early days. Well done.

I now have exactly the same "problem" - I start a new job this week and will be carefully planning my first steps... (see [url=]An interview story[/url] for more info).

I hope you don't mind me tailing you in your draft!

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Congratulations! Well Done! M&M, I think your Vision has been fulfilled. Great stories like this, continue to give the support I need as I transition as well. I have used a lot of MT's information in other relms of my professional career and leadership roles.

I have shared the site with all my nursing colleagues in management/leadership roles. No I can use them on staff.

Keep em' comin'!