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Do you have any suggestion on doing process improvement? Do you like any certain model? I find Six Sigma to be too much horsepower for most projects.

Your Hot Wash seems like a really simple and fast method, but not enough for more complex processes.

Thanks. As always, very grateful for your what you guys do.


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What industry are you looking to improve processes in?

If IT then I'd be saying look at a combination of ITIL and COBIT (just google for more info).

For other business process improvement I've read but not used [url='The Helix Factor'[/url] which is full of good old common sense. It's one of those books that spells out what you kind of know already but never really consciously identified.

Sorry I can't be more help. It's an area that I'm keen to learn more about myself!

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Thanks itilimp. I work in telecom. I'll check out that Helix book

My favorite process improvement tool is called Work-Out.

It's like the duct tape of process improvement

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It's a little hard to help without knowing more of what you want.

That said, I like "work out" as well, and can recommend this book about GE's way of doing it (they invented it). It's a basic and repetitive book, but I learned a lot and have used it and it works.