Hi : This is Stuart Webb, from Repton (a small village in 'roughly' the centre of the UK). After spending several years in scientific research I've now accumulated about 15 years management experience in areas such as Business Transformation; Business Process Re-engineering and Outsourcing (BPR/BPO); Broadband and Contact Centre/CRM solutions. I'm currently a Business Transformation Programme Director in the Telecomms market.

When not working (and that is not nearly enough of my time), I am the father of a young son and husband of a very forgiving wife, a Six Sigma Black Belt.

I've had a great deal of management training over the years, but I've been blown away by some of the great stuff I've heard on the podcasts since I discovered them about two months ago (I've nearly caught up!). Thanks for the effort Mike and Mark. I hope I can share some of my experience and if I manage to contribute even a fraction of the value you have provided to me, then I'll have repaid something to your goal of 'changing the world one manager at a time' - it certainly needs to be changed!


Stuart Webb

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*waves to fellow Brit*

I had no idea there was a place called 'Repton'. When I read that it brought back memories of an old game of the same name that I used to play on my Archimedes 3000!

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Cheers, Stuart. We look forward to your contributions, and we don't mind one bit if you get more out of us than the obverse.

Because it's our privilege to serve you.

Hail Brittania.


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Hi ITIL Imp. Just for reference - Repton is sort of between Derby and Burton-on-Trent.

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Welcome Stuart,
I hope your wife too we'll join us in these discussion: having a Six Sigma Black Belt will for sure be another plus.