Hi from Bristol UK, dark, 10c, raining

I work for an organisation with a 100+ UK branch network, I have been with the company for eight years, four years in the field and the last four as a manager of a small specialist team at head office.

Having discovered Manager Tools a couple of days ago, I have to say my commute to work, listening to the back catelogue has been a far more pleasurable experience.

Mike and Mark, don't stop.

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Rest assured. But no whining later about the dreaded "all caught up withdrawl to weekly casts" syndrome. ;-)

Glad you're with us.


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Welcome Martin: I'm happy to see more members from Europe!

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*waves* Yep, me too. Be nice if we can get enough of us down south to have a MT meeting.

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Another UK listener here - and just like my compatriot from Bristol, I'm listening to the back catalog each day to and from the office as part of the commute. Your content is already having an effect on my management style. Regular 1-2-1s are now in the calendar for all my direct reports, with more formality and less of a 'corridor' "how are you doing" type of discussion - I found the templates very useful. Love the DISC approach also.

I'm three months into a Head of Product Management Role in IT Hardware and Software (so I appreciate the 'tech' slant to some of the casts). Some of my team are remote (including 3 in the US - Detriot, San Francisco and somewhere in South Carolina!) - I'm heading out there next week! Anything more on virtual teams and managing remotely would be very useful to me.

Finally, and I don't know if this is the place to suggest content - I'd really like some guidance on how to deal with the situation where you used to be 'one of the troops' and get promoted internally to become their Line Manager. This happened to me in my last role and I now realise I did some things well and others not so well faced with this challenge. I now face a position where I want to restructure roles and responsibilites in my team and some colleagues are going to end up with [i]'Head of'[/i] in their new Job Title and they will need to manage people they are currently working at the same level as. Apart from recommending Manager Tools to them (naturally), any guidance or a future cast along the lines of 'I used to be your workmate, now I'm your boss!' would be good.

I have just realised that it does sound like a Jerry Springer or Rikki Lake show title, but I hope you get my drift.....

It is a pleasure listening to your output.... please don't lose your obvious enthusiasm and service ethic. Thanks.