Hey all-

I am an 18 year old freshman in the Pamplin College of Business at Virginia Tech. I was just wondering if Mike, Mark, or anyone else out there had advice specific to a management student. I'm just about up to date on all of the archived casts, and I'm already putting the information to good use in my classes.

[u]Some background:[/u] I am a high D high I. I'm currently Business-Undecided, with a definite minor in Music. I'm still not sure which specific major to pursue (Management, Econ, Business Info Tech, Accounting, Marketing), although I have 2 years of leeway to decide. I was leaning towards a Management major, but I'm having some doubts. At a recent career fair I talked to a recruiter from GE, and she told me that a general Management major was not the smartest way to go - that companies generally take more technical workers (BIT, Accounting) and promote them to management rather than hiring managers directly.

I've been attending presentations by guest speakers, such as Peter Schild (Wachovia's VP in charge of internal audit), and have been seeking internship opportunities for the summer. I've crafted my resume based on the Manager Tools model, and have been working heartily to build my network.

What do you all think of the recruiters advice on major? Are there any gold nuggets of wisdom I should know? Any personal success and failure stories that might apply to me?

Thank you for your time,

- WK

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Hi W

At 18? I'd say do what you love. I once met a pilot with a degree in Theology. University, certainly in the UK, and I'm assuming everywhere else, is all about learning to learn, learning to manage yourself, taking every opportunity to meet people and do things you'll never have time or energy to do again.

Life is all about the coincidences, and where you end up is never what you thought when you were 18. Do everything, and specialise later.

My 2p. I hope it helps.


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Thanks for the advice, Wendii!

I've decided to attempt both doing what I love AND setting myself up for a reliable future (if I ever need one). I'm still playing in an orchestra, singing in choir, and acting on stage. I figure I can continue to excersize my passions for art in my private life, while making a living with my passion for business. I have a friend, in fact, who is going into management with goal of opening a jazz club one day. He's even invited me to play there in advance! :-p

Thank you again for your 2p, I'll be sure to spend it on something I love,

- WK