Hello. I'm David. and I'm new here. I have a problem that I really need some advice on.
Firstly, just like to thank the chaps MrA and MrH for the fine podcasts. I have been really enjoying them on my 1hr drive to and from work.

I work at a small weekly newspaper and run the picture desk. I have been listening to MT for a while now and have been a consumer of management books in the 4 years that I have had the 'big chair' I love my job and think I do it really well.

I have already listened to the DIS but not got C . I guess I am very much an I and a bit D. My Editor is, I think a deffinate D! A really nice guy but boy, does he move fast. lots of instant decision making and 1 sentence Q&A's he is based over 3 offices and we rareley see him.

Now, my problem is the following.
We are on the cusp of a big change in the way we work. I have already instigated and driven a big move into multimedia which has been pretty succesfull despite a lack of promotion. I've done it all from start to where we are now, running smoothly. The workload on the team has incresed significantly as we aquire new skills.
(If you want to see our stuff please cruise over to and click on the 'photographs' banner on the right hand side.)

I realise that he will only contact me if the world is about to end but I really need to get some feedback. I've had a ' great stuff' after the first 2 shows went online.(dec) i have emailed as we put new work up and comented on hard work from the team. nada back.

So, The new game is, he wants video content. A REALLY big step for us. IT are buying the kit and thats about all I know. Its going to fall to me to get it going and I am cool with that.
The so far 3 scheduled meetings I requested to get a breifing, have come and gone with no meeting. Today, no notification of cancellation. I know this happens and has happened often in the past. Busy man but... it really is getting on my nerves.

(alot of chat but here is the question) at last......

Do I
Shut up. Get a grip and wait for him to be ready?
Say how dissapointed I am at the lack of comms?
express my need for more regular (any) feedback?
say how demotivated I am becoming at this lack of stroking?

I would really appreciate any comments you can make.
Thanks in advance.

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Shut up. Get a grip. Stop expecting him to talk to you. Give him the video. don't wait for him to be ready...GIVE HIM VIDEO. The highest praise a smart but naive High D can give you is to ignore you.

He doesn't want to "talk to you". He doesn't want to "talk to you and get video." He doesn't want to "talk to you so you can hear he is ready." He wants to "get video". Period.

Just do it. Send him email updates. If you need a decision, send him a mail with that in the subject line, and tell him what the decision is in the mail itself. Also tell him what your recommendation is, and when you will act on it w/o a response from him.

That's what "He" wants.

Keep us posted!


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thanks for your speedy reply.

Good, ok, I can go for that.

I just don't know what he wants video of??

I'll make a few and surprise him with my tallent.

right answer?

( so, I'm not gonna get a badge then?) ( a button to you Americans ;-)


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Don't know what he wants video of? What does he want photographs of? Video that. If you can. If not...well, take a stab at it and try. Make the video good. Then at least the very worst that can happen is he'll say 'great video, but I want X' (or be more D about it, but say basically the same thing).

Sounds to me like you have some ideas and want validation of those. Run with it -- he apparently trusts you to do so.

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I do have a little problem with time.

to shoot and process a photo takes aprox 1hr15mins

to shoot and process a soundslide (what is on the website) takes aprox 4hrs

video? I imagine about the same if not a bit longer. Certainly much longer as I learn and coach.

I have already spent alot of personal time (and money) getting to here and have almost run out of credit with MrsSitbonzo!

Sounds like I'm moaning/ making up problems? I hope not.

I was awake thinking about it last night and have decided to try and team up with the content editor (my equivelent on the words) We can make ideas and decide what to do. Then, as advised, Tell the Editor what he wants. Tell him what recources we need.

Meantime, I guess I will see the Editor today. I plan to just say.

Video. Great. I'm excited will team up with James. will bring you first 2 shows before we publish? ( or just say when they are online?)

I wont tell him that is is killing me?
(ps I don't earn fifty grand you know!)


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I know all about that MrsCredit, it's hard to come by. I love the idea of teaming up with the content editor! I don't know what your staff looks like at all, but if there's anyone among it who knows anything about video, is looking to step up, wants to learn something new, bring them in on the project as well. Delegate some of this (and put on them the responsibility of training YOU for a change) if you can!

And don't fret. Pick an action, and do it!

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Julia and I are dying to know what happened. With the speed you were suggesting he was demanding, surely the "beginning" is behind you by now....


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Hi. Firstly, my apologies for not having replied sooner. It has been a bit of a whirlwind over the past month or so!
Thanks for your interest in getting an update. So far its all pretty good news. I took your advice and just shut up and got on with it. It was, actually quite refreshing to know that if my boss did'nt say anything that he was probably thinking I was doing a good job. 8)

The multimedia work that I embarked on just after Christmas. (Photos with a soundtrack.) has been going down a storm. Good viewing stats and great feedback from our readers. Most of my team are really into it, providing them a great platform to showcase their work.
I was asked to present to a meeting of 20odd senior Editors last week ( odd in both senses? no comment!) I had really bad nerves but stuck it through and gave, i think, a pretty good account of myself.

I'm kinda sidestepping your question though on Video. We have made 2 so far, none by me as i am frightened AND it takes such a long time. I had to prepare for this presentation and I can make more excuses if you want them!.

So, the answer really is. Yes, it is all going fairly well, but more work needs to be done. :D

Still very much enjoying your pod casts and thanks for them.

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Glad to hear it, David! It's not always about doing it yourself, it's about putting it together, getting where you need to go, and loving the trip.

It sounds like this has been win-win for you -- your team has a showcase so they enjoy the work and your readers have a new and interesting showcase to view!

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it sure could be worse.

but, now you mention it... maybee I don't need to video at all! 8)

now, where did I put my slippers. :lol: