I ran across the site, that touts this system called TQ, which stands for Time Quotient, which they go on to define as the measure of your results over time to measure improvement in several areas.

Now, I am not a quick fix type of person that thinks a book or set of CDs will change me, so don't throw stones yet. I do read and research a lot looking for useful information, and this is just another source I found that may merit a look.

They have some interesting "looking" content and ideas. I got one of their lessons via a promotional offer, so I'm only out $7 if it's crap. I'm interested in hearing from the community if anyone has checked this out, invested in it, proved it's worth (or lack of) and basically find out if it's just another re-packaging of things we all know already.

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I'm sorry this has taken me so long. I regret my absence.

I haven't heard of TQ, so I won't be a naysayer of their approach. It might be brilliant. But David Allen's book Getting Things Done is my favorite.

Cheers and again my apologies.