I had my interview today and I think it went very well.

The company outlined the next stage which if short listed would be an aptitude test.

I decided that this was my only opportunity to close the interview with “I want an offer” as you normally only get either an offer or letter of rejection after the test.

I was a bit hesitant but managed to say “John I want an offer, here’s why, I believe that I can make a solid contribution to your company based on my skill set…” I managed to only give two reasons but I don’t actually think that they heard the “here’s why” bit just from the shocked expression on their faces after I said I want an offer. John eventually responded “we will put you in the mix”.

The HR lady wrote down some comment on her sheet after that and led me out.

Man, never used this tactic before but I am feeling really empowered/energized after the interview. I figured the worst they can do is reject me and I can use this interview as a learning experience.

Thanks Mike, Mark and this forum, you guys are an excellent resource for management material at all levels.


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Sounds like a great close. It is a technique that ALWAYS gets an interviewer's attention!


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Very good close.

Asking for the job doesn't just get the interviewer's attention- it also demonstrates excitement and passion for the job. As an interviewer, that's a key trait that I look for.

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I'm glad I'm not the only one who walked out after their first close feeling that way! I hope it works out for you as well as it did for me (3 interviews, 3 locations, 2 offers, the 3rd would have if I hadn't already accepted elsewhere when their decision was made).

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Arun - did you get the offer after saying "I want an offer and here's why..."

It sounded like the interviewers may have been offended by this, not sure.


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G'day all


I did not get the one referred here and in hindsight a good thing as the company recently announced that they will be ceasing ops in my area in the next couple of years. The feedback I got at the time was that they chose someone who had done the same job elsewhere.

I did however use the close in another interview around the same time and was the only candidate out of five that the co elected to meet with the second time and make an offer.

The second time I said "I am looking for an offer from you guys.." probably not as strong as "I want.." Agree with Julia the "close" was very daunting for me the first time but got a bit easy the second time round.

I have now happily been with my new company seven months and am being kept preety challenged hence the long absence from the forums.

I do however make it a point to listen to M&M on my 45m drives home daily makes the journey easier to bear and the casts are just the right length for me. Thanks M&M :D