Hi TokyoTony, nice to meet you! Hope we run into each other sometime.

Hi everyone, here's a short bio:

I'm the creative director of a small multimedia department here in Tokyo. Our medium-sized parent company is an English-as-a-Second-Language(ESL) web portal. We do bilingual B2C podcasting (for example, for Time Magazine, and the Nikkei Weekly), podcasts for internal corporate communications, and corporate video production especially for foreign-affiliated firms.

On the personal side, I'm 49, a native New Yorker, and a published writer. I worked in a large corporation in the States, then was an entrepreneur in the music business for a long time. Had some real successes, but not in a sustained way, so I brought my skills (writing, audio and video production, cross-cultural communications) to this new situation.

Hi Mark and Mike:

I am so grateful for MT. I listen to the podcasts as I bike to and from work, and I find myself muttering responses to a variety of things. I'm just starting to implement some of the ideas, to look at things from a more effective perspective as a result of MT. Thank you.

If you guys ever want to expand into Japan, I'd love to localize the program and help find the right company to launch it here. Localizing great English-language content is the kind of challenge I really enjoy - especially since I'm such a fan - and I think there could be a real need for it here!

best to all,

Terri (in Tokyo)

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I'm sorry this has taken me so long. I regret my absence.

Welcome to Manager Tools! I love your background, and encourage you to provide your voice to our discussions. Different usually means better outcomes.

And, thanks for the offer regarding Japan. Mike and I are trying to figure out international versions, so don't hesitate to recommend a course of action.

Glad you're with us!

Again, my apologies for my delay.