Just wanted to take a second and introduce myself and tell everyone how wonderfully valuable I've found the info on this site to be. My name is Mike Davis and I've been in management for a little over a year now. About 2 weeks after I found your site, I went from having 1 direct report to 9, and I have to say that your tools have made the transition much easier. Yesterday I completed my first set of one on ones and the experience has already been tremendously insightful. I have sent your site to all of my colleagues and I will be encouraging them to tune in as well. Many Thanks!

DiSC 4-1-6-5

Mike Davis
Mgr Architecture & Software Development
TruGreen LandCare
Memphis, TN

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Glad you're with us and getting value from our work!

It's a privilege to serve you.


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Hello Mike. Welcome to the forums!

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hey! another Memphis based MT manager! anytime you want to grab a beer and talk shop please let me know
[email protected]