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Mike & Mark,

My wife Christy is very happy with her new Land's End Manager Tools (MT) Conference Bag. And she told me to make sure I thanked you for it.

She also said I can go to any future MT conferences I want if I bring home schwag like that! :-)


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My wife seconds that. She must have made a dozen comments today on how nice it is.

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My wife was also very impressed. Mark that down on the "WWW" flip chart!

Thanks again guys,
- Bill

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I love the bags and plan on using it to replace my usual back-and-forth-to-work bag. I only hope someone asks me what a "manager tool" is when they see it!

I have a stack of conference bags that are worthless (yes, I plan on purging). It's nice to get one that will be used!

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You're right, it is a great bag.

The gift inside the bag (the Laws) is awesome, too!

Nice touch.

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My wife loved the (her) new bag too. I'm seeing a pattern...

Also, the Laws, were a very nice touch. My wife quoted one after a not so pleasant experience at a restaurant. Can you guess which one it was?


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Come on guys: tell us the whole story. What's in this bag?? :)

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[quote="PierG"]Come on guys: tell us the whole story. What's in this bag?? :)

We recieved a nice personalized binder with high quality copies of the presentation materials and a very nice edition of the first 8 of Horstman's Laws printed on cards.

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NOOOOO .... GRRRR ... :x ... I want the card with the Horstman's Laws!!!

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We ALL wanted Horstman's Law's! I was thinking they might have received advanced copies of "The Effective Manager".

Maybe some one will be nice and share them so I can stop sifting through the podcasts to find them. D


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Here they are:
1. It's All About People
2. More Communication is Better
3. You're Not that Smart; They're Not that Dumb
4. Control is an Illusion
5. The River is Wide, the Currents are Messy, but [i]all[/i] the Water Ends up in the Ocean
6. There are No Secrets
7. How You Feel is Your Fault
8. The "Other" Way Often Works Just Fine

There are explanations on the cards that give you more insight. I've already got over half of mine posted in my office!!

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Thanks so much for sharing! I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to make it to the next conference in San Antonio and, with the publishing process being as slow as it is, who know when Mark's book will be out. This will give me something to chew on even without the explanations.

You are the best! Thanks again!


Since the first eight Laws have been released, is there any chance you will be releasing them in some format for the rest of us?


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[b]All [/b] the materials were top of the line; the bag (Lands End), the Horstman's Law's (nicely presented), and the handouts printed on quality paper (don't think I didn't notice the nice paper) -- well done!


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I also want add my thanks for the terrific bag. It will become my “JetBlue Away Bag” my preloaded bag [writing tablet, pens, “to read” articles, some food, headset, pictures of my family] that I keep ready at the office to dash out the door with. I look forward to “spreading the MT word” to my seatmates.



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Wow - thanks folks!

As to PierG's Grrr... hey, there's gotta be a reward for being first!

Some of you probably noticed that those are sets from my consulting firm. We are having new sets put together from Manager Tools.


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Yes, we will be releasing an electronic version shortly.