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Mark and Mike,

Is it possible to get the Word version of the 2007 O3 Form posted in the Tools section of the website? The second page that has more room on it is great and the copies of the one from the conference are starting to get faded (i like things to look nice). I'd love to have the Word version.

I've started doing the official MT version of the O3 and so far they are going really well. 3/4 of my directs are embracing them, and i'm just chipping away at the other 1/4 until they get into the groove and understand them better!!



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Ann: on the Tools page (from the left column) you can scroll down to the bottom of the page, and there's the .doc form under the O3 podcast heading.


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Actually, I think the .doc and the .pdf files are different. I went to pull a fresh 'original' for copying this week and realized that the one I pulled first was not the same as the one I'd been using!

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I do make changes periodically based on feedback from the field.


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So now that the site's structure has changed and I don't see a Tools option on the left and when I do go to the O3 Part 2 podcast and look at either the Word or PDF version of the form and neither represents the one from the conference, is there some other way for us to get to that one that I'm missing?

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Thanks for posting that link. I would not have stumbled across it on my own. This makes collecting the tools much more convenient. :D

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Thanks for posting. That is an extremely helpful link!!