This is going to sound like a dumb question.

How does the one page resume go down with HR professionals in Europe/UK?

I'm thinking about applying internally for a laboratory manager position and as part of the application form a resume can be attached.

I've started condensing my current two page effort into one page but I wonder how much exposure people here have had to getting only one sheet.

Thanks Mark and Mike for enlightening people.


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I'd encourage our friends in Europe to chime in, but in my experience, it works FINE. If your background is right, they'll be able to tell from one page. I've placed people there with one pagers...10 years ago.


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Steve, one page is essential and still makes an impact as there are so many terrible CV's around. There are two books easy on the eye and pocket

The Perfect Interview & more importantly for you: The Perfect CV by Max Eggert


I used this 10 years ago to get my CV down to one page and it worked well.

Recommend reading.

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I am writing from italy and I would say that 1 page it is ok but the CV that i see more often have 2 pag minimum.
A lot are just the cv that are too long and dispersive.
What I have noticed is that the school /university does not teach how to write a CV and how to behave during a group assessment.

For the story I would like to say that the European community has taken a specific decision on how a CV should be standardized,
and a specific web site : [url][/url]

and what are kind of advices you may find there?

here theyare:

Five basic principles for a good CV

1. Concentrate on the essentials
o A CV must be brief: in most cases one to two pages are sufficient. In any event, do not exceed three pages.
o If your work experience is limited, describe your education and training first; highlight work placements during training
o If language skills are important for the job you are applying for, fill in the Europass Language Passport available on this site and attach it to the CV.
2. Be clear and concise
o Use short sentences.
o Concentrate on the relevant aspects of your training and work experience.
o Explain any breaks in your studies or career.
3. Adapt your CV to suit the post you are applying for
o Before sending your CV to an employer, check that it corresponds to the profile required.
o Do not include work experience or training which is not relevant to the application.
o Highlight your advantages according to the specific needs of the prospective employer.
Beware: do not artificially inflate your CV; if you do, you are likely to be found out at interview.
4. Take care over the presentation of your CV
o Set out your skills and competences clearly and logically, so that your advantages stand out.
o Pay attention to details such as spelling and punctuation.

5. Check your CV once you have filled it in
o Remove any spelling mistakes, and ensure it is laid out clearly and logically.
o Have someone else re-read your CV so that you are sure the content is clear and easy to understand.

not so manager tools accomplishment oriented arent they?


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A camel is a horse designed by a committee. - Alec Issigonis

A 2 page CV is designed by a governmental committee. - Mark Horstman



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Okay, [i]really[/i] stupid question...what does CV stand for?

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CV is Curriculum Vitae, for course of life.

The European equivalent of a resume.


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Thanks, Mark! Somehow I knew I should know it (my 9th grade Latin teacher would be mortified)!

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:oops: Sorry Julia, I automatically translate US terminology into the mother tongue.

I dug out my old one (which I will update - honest Mark). Mark mentionned that referrees were outdated in résumés. Mine did still have two referrees, something which still seems to be common in the UK. I also remember interviewers complimenting the single page format.

Procedure for 2 page CV's:
Place the most important information on the first page.
Place all other information on the second page.
Carefully take the second page and slide into the nearest bin (trash can). If it isn't worth being front page, it isn't worth being included.

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Hi Steve,

I look at CVs all day long and there's long bad ones and shorter bad ones and very short bad ones.

One page with no spelling mistakes, no extraneous information and which addresses the job requirements would be surprising but not dismissed because it was one page.


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Thanks everyone for all your help.

A one page effort is getting attached then.