Last night a couple MTers and I met at Primanti's on the Southside.

I got a lot out of the evening. Thank you, Janet and William, for coming out and meeting me.

We talked about making this a recurring event (perhaps one a quarter).

If anyone else is interested, please speak up.

We also talked about trying to encourage others, perhaps people who don't listen to MT, but are still interested in getting connected with other managers.

Any feedback is appreciated.

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Sorry I couldn't make it last night. I had a few personal issues that I had to deal with (wife got food poisoning, son was sick also, I'm working on a new job opportunity, etc - the stuff of life!).

Most definitely we should make this a recurring event. I agree with starting it out as a "quarterly" event. I would like to suggest that we try to set the date well in advance for planning purposes (September/October, January/February, May/June). If we schedule it we can work the rest of our lives around it.

As far as encouraging others, I'm all for that! Mike/Mark, would you guys be open to someone designing something in a business card format with the MT logo on the front and meeting/website/marketing info on the back? I think it would be great to give these out to people we meet in our daily business interactions. I'd be interested to see how much traffic we could drive to the website through something like this. Low cost, grassroots, guerilla/viral marketing. I think I just channelled Seth Godin!

Just some of my thoughts.