Mike's chipmonks comment on the main blog today made me remember something . . .

Here's a trick I learned from some musicians.

You can listen to recorded content at 2x or 3x speed and still gather the information.

Sometimes when I listen to these casts I use the "play fast" option in Windows Media Player.

Not sure if this is something that others do, but if we're talking about saving time and being efficient and effective, this might come in handy.


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Yeah, THAT's what I was doing with the original "high-speed" podcast. Did I say I made a mistake? oops.


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Interesting idea - a bit like speed listening. I know that my personal experience with speed reading is that it doesn't help me understand anything faster. I still have to turn over the ideas in my head until they make sense.

Does anyone that has listened at double speed have experience with the comprehension side of it?