Hi Everyone

If anyone knows anyone in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) who might be or is actively looking for a bright, enthusiastic and Manager Tools trained marketing (not sales) person, I would greatly appreciate if you could connect me.

I have an MBA (marketing and finance) as well as a CACE (Certification in Adult Education). I have been exposed to the full marketing spectrum)and have managed up to 6 directs. If you want to include my college teaching activities, I have managed up to 150 directs :D

I really don't care about the industry. I just want an opportunity.

I can be contacted through the MT system or via email: [email protected]

Much appreciated

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Folks, time to step up the plate. Do you even know if your company has an office in Toronto? If you don't, find out, and make a call.

To your friend in HR.

To a friend in Marketing from your network.

To someone who knows someone in either place.

Go to your company job site and poke around.

Ask for a resume.

And send mail, either with a contact (great) or wishing our member well(good).


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We don't have offices in Canada. I'll touch in with a few folks whose companies may and see what turns up.

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Hi asteriskrntt1,

I have sent you a PM

Good luck

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I don't work for them, but I believe The Scotts Company has an office in Toronto with a marketing department.

I'll keep my ear to the ground for you. At the very least, know that I am sending my most positive thoughts up north!

P.S. There's always starting your own marketing consulting company!

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This makes for an interesting point.... has there ever been any thought put into a Manager Tools "Positions Available" and "Seeking Positions" section?

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Hi Everyone

Thank you all very much, especially those who have taken the time to write me personal notes. I am overwhelmed by the MT community's support and I am confident something will pop up, even if it is not exactly what I envisioned. You are all making a difference in my life.

With great appreciation


PS - And if I may be so bold, contact names and introductions are really powerful and helpful. :D

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Do you mean the Scotts company as in the lawn and garden company?

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Yes, sir. They are the folks. They are based here in Columbus, Ohio - but I remember a friend of mine who used to work in their marketing office here saying they had to frequently travel up to Toronto to work with the mktg folks there.

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I went to a number of Scotts sites and could only find posting for Ohio. I much appreciate the lead. They seem like a company one could GROW with....



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There has been some thought by Mike and I to have a job search area, and for now the answer is no.

We believe that the community we have allowed to form here is pretty special. INCREDIBLY special. We believe that it's a function of the purity of the community - the clear mission of helping managers manage.

When we get asked this question, it's usually in support of a member. But if we did open up such a forum, it would entice people to join our community for THAT. Job search is a powerful force, and we believe the benefit of helping members would be overshadowed by the issues that job boards engender.

And, there's nothing keeping a member from asking for help...without special help. That's one of the great things of our community.


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Unfortunately, my company only hires from their preferred vendors list and from executive recruiters for people director level and above when we go external for manager level jobs. So, you would have to have a recruiter or an agency working to find you a job already to get in the door with us. I recommend you find yourself one pronto. I think you will find a considerable portion of the Fortune 500 companies will not even consider someone off the street as a candidate for a job in management - even with a recommendation.

Lord knows I have tried to circumvent this policy in the past using wit, charm, clever subterfuge, and all of my attempts have failed. :-( I think it limits a manager's options and puts hiring in the hands of HR more than the manager. The only way I have been able to do it is to have the person on the street go to a vendor I know and have them walk them in as if they found them instead of me. :-P

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You and Mike have the right idea. Stick to the vision and I think you (and we) will create a powerful force for change. Look where you are at after 2 years!

There are lots of job boards. MT is unique!


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Hi Lou

Yes, Job boards have a place.... personal referrals are most often better.