have you ever thought at Skypecasts?

I know that some communities are starting using Skypcast as another media of communication.


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I listen to all of the podcasts while commuting to/from work, so a skypecast wouldn't hold much value for me. I'd much rather see any additional effort go into rolling out premium content, before branching off into new areas.

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Maybe I'm missing a point here. How would that be better than the Podcasting now in use?

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OK guys, I have to listen to the 'effective writing' podcast again :)

I DO NOT suggest to change the way podcasts are issued.

I'm suggesting something NEW to add to the 'offer' of Manager Tools: a Skypecast is a kind of small live conference, or big conf call. M&M could receive our feedback live from our own voice, they could answer to our questions on a particular topic, we could answer to their questions and something like that.

It's a kind of new, emerging trend for communities ... and it could be nice to have some experimentation!

Apologize for the previous mail and I hope now my idea is more clear.


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I don't know anything about Skypecasting, but I do like the idea of something more interactive. I have participated in several conferences in which there is a televised conversation among a panel of experts, and viewers at remote sites can phone in their questions and comments. It's not as good as being there, of course. But since it's unlikely I'll be able to attend an MT conference unless it's local, I would welcome any opportunity to interact in real time with M&M and all you MT folks.

Thanks for the idea Pier!

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I Skype with my son and his family in S.E. Asia. The issue would be -- since we are a global MT community, when would be the best time to do it? We litteraly encircle the globe. I guess I'd get up at 3:00 a.m. to participate. It would be good to talk to some of you in person!



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Timing would be an issue, but I'm sure a lot of folks would make every effort to be there.
I've never used Skype yet but it sounds like a great idea, maybe even if M&M dont have the time we could still arrange something, after all we are all MT managers :)

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This is a nice idea.

I use Skype quiet often with my suppliers who are pretty spread in Europe. I also use it with my team because we have two sites 700 km from each other (we have another tool called netviewer).

We use skype because :
- it is free
- it is known
- you can conference (I thought it was 5 persons max ?)
- you can see each other
- lots of people use it
- very easy to install
- the sound quality is rather good if you have the right hardware (mic)

I have seen there are some conference casts. But I don't know how it work.

In my opinion there could be two ways :
- using it for mini-conference ran by Mike and Mark (limited attendance ?)
- using it like a forum around a special topic ? Like "There will be a skype discussion Monday at 5.00. the subject will be -experience exchange about O3- and the facilitator will be X"

Yes, I like the idea !

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Yes, we're considering doing an interactive call with listener participation. Whether we do it with Skype, Talkshoe, or something else has yet to be determined.

Most likely, we'll start out small with a very limited audience, gather some experience, and slowly grow from there. Mark and I are both curious as to what size of group will work effectively. But, as Mark and I tell each other often ... beta, beta, beta!


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I like Cedric's ideas! The sound quality for me is 100 times better than land-lines or even using vonage. It's like the person is in the room with you.

One thing we have noticed though is the sound is almost instantaneous, but once you start adding cameras the time lag becomes greater!

I agree, too, there's nothing stopping us from doing it without M&M. Not as good, but we could do it!



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Hi guys, :wink:

Because we are talking about [b]Manager –Tolls in the future [/b], I would like to draw your attention to the product called Adobe Connect Professional.

Features of Adobe Connect Professional:
Meeting rooms: Unlimited
Maximum meeting size:[b]1,500[/b] (cool right!)
Cross platform: yes
Personalized meeting room URLs: yes
Screen sharing: yes
Application sharing: yes
Chat, notes, and whiteboard: yes
Teleconferencing: yes
Multipoint video: yes
Integrated audio: yes
VoIP: yes
Meeting recordings: yes
Customizable layouts and windows: yes
Multiple meeting rooms per user: yes
User management: yes
Administration and reporting: yes
Large events and polling: yes
Central content library: yes
Collaboration Builder SDK: yes

There is a 15 days trial:

My guess would be that this product is [b]only[/b] good for people who believe in Marks and Mikes business.

I would like to know your thoughts on that - THANKS :D

Best regards

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I've had below average results with Skypecasts.

I set them up for one group of about 10 users. The results were poor and the participants said that it was a negative experience.

The community moved to, and their comments about that service were positive.

This was hard for me because I really enjoy Skype and its technology and performance. Additionally, I was looking forward to the possibility of video enabling the whole thing. So far, I have not gotten to this point.

Also, I participated / listened to a few Skypecasts for a community of about 100 users. They tried to host twice, then abandon the system.

I thought you might find this information useful.


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Thanks, Steve ... that is indeed useful information.


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[quote="jupiter"]Hi guys, :wink:

Because we are talking about [b]Manager –Tolls in the future [/b], I would like to draw your attention to the product called Adobe Connect Professional.

I would like to know your thoughts on that - THANKS :D

Best regards


Hi Yura,

We had a demo on this soft but we choose Netviewer because it looked more easy to use. And the price was less.

We now use Netviewer for demonstrating our software without having to go to the customer. We are now initiating training and hotline with this software too ... Customers are responding very positively.

This tool allows us to fight very well again our competition which is mainly a huge (compared to us) international structure, for a nice price ...

This was our way to "do more with less".

And ... We also use this tool now for our inter-site team meetings. I think I will love the podcast about teleconferencing !!!!

Best regards,


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Hello Cédric :roll:

thanks for great information and your personal expereince on that.

Kind wishes