I read a quote somewhere awhile back that went something like this:

"Show me your compensation plans, and I'll tell you where your managers are spending their time"

Does anyone recognize this quote, and if so, do you know who said it and where it came from? (Heck, it's possible that this came from an older M&M cast even!)


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I don't recognize the quote, but I recognize the sentiment.

"What you measure is what you get" is maybe the oldest maxim in metrics, though I don't know who should get credit. Juran, perhaps? Or does it go all the way back to Democritus?

If you understand what you want to compensate well enough to measure it, and actually tie compensation to it, the you'd expect managers to focus on it. Of course, if you don't really understand what you want, whatever you tie compensation to is what you'll get. It just might not be the behavior you actually wanted. Oops.

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