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I am interested in your take on this. I am getting a fair number of calls from recruiters. However, after it all shakes out, I am finding that the recruiter is not the direct contact to the hiring manager.

For example, one recruiter I met with just told me she briefed her account managers on me, who presented me to the client, putting another layer btwn me and the hiring manager.

Should I be asking for a clarification of the recruiter's role in the relationship/hiring process or can that be taken as insulting to the recruiter?


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Nobody's going to watch out for your interests as well as you. It's perfectly reasonable to ask anyone about the procedure you're committing yourself to.

If they interpret your honest and open question as an assault on themselves that's they're problem. If they can't let it go, work with someone else. The successful recruiters I know are pretty thick-skinned. (Can you imagine this question offending Mark?) If they can't take it, they're not going to be doing you any good anyway.