Hello former MT conference attendees,

I am in need of your assistance. I would like to attend the Chicago conference in March. However, my boss gives me high marks on feedback, O3s, and coaching. I feel there is still room to grow.

Are there any of you, who have attended the MT conference and came back with a sense of "I *THOUGHT* I was doing those things well, but I sure learned a lot more by going!"

How can I tell my (new) boss there is value in attending a seminar for something that I'm perceived as already good at?


--Chuck Tomasi
--Father, IT Manager, podcaster, author
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I can provide you with business justification for your attendance.

I have been to three privately hosted functions with Mark and Mike leading us. The first turned my career around. I wanted out of management. I hated my job, I hated managing people, and I just wanted it to end and to be an individual contributor, but they kept pushing me upward seeing something in me that I didn't want them to see because I didn't know what I was doing.

But it was the third conference that gave me my biggest leap. Mark taught me to chain multiple feedbacks to one another and give three or four in a row . This has made feedback much more doable for me in a way that it was not before. Another skill I learned was just how to come up with goals, prioritize them, turn them into objectives, and finally come up with measurable metrics for my organization.

Since attending, my management is raving about my having gone through this process. It was entirely sparked by my the last 8 hours of my total 32 hours locked in a room with Mark and Mike.

Is attending multiple times helpful? You bet it is. You don't get it all the first time around. It is like drinking from a firehose. The third time some things sunk in that had not before.

And I believe the most important experience I had was seeing another guy in the room who was in the place I used to be resisting their call to arms and hearing him say the things I said when I first met these guys, and seeing what I looked like.

A veteran in attendance gains a new management perspective that cannot be denied for motivation and dedication to the program. But most importantly, Mark and Mike can inspire you to take your work to the next level of performance, giving you ideas that all come together in a single, interactive, intertwined, suite of tools and activities that when put together are greater than the sum of their parts.

I would say you want to attend ten conferences, not one, before you can say you are a veteran and are really on board with this very, very effective program.

Rescuing me from my career slump saved the company millions. After this last conference with them, I've come up with multiple business plans, effectively presented in limited time, that could save us millions more.

Do you think they will want you to go now?

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Hi Chuck,

How about these:

- Calendar Management
- Priority Management
- Performance
- New Coaching Model not discussed in any podcasts so far
- Networking opportunities with other effective managers
- You get to practice and get coached in real-time -- worth the price of admission alone

If you need more detail, feel free to email or PM me. I'd be happy to write a testimonial to your boss if you think it would help.


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Thanks dude.


The private conferences US41 refers to are essentially mini-conferences. We don't market them widely, but we do many every year for client management teams.


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Howdy Chuck.

I was using the feedback model (poorly) and already did one-on-ones (not as good as now) and always coached (really?) my folks prior to the conference.

Then, getting together with 100 other managers that were eager to improve their effectiveness, in front of Mark and Mike, I realized I could get better.

I'm sure you are doing a fine job with the trinity now but I can't say enough about the value of spending two full (really, really full) days immersed in Manager Tools.

Because your new boss will probably not visit the forums here, I'd be glad to send you an e-mail, describing the impact the conference has had in my organization, even months later.

As more folks from my department have already attended the San Antonio conference and more to go in '08, it is amazing the turnaround we are seeing.

I will contact you offline, sir.



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Follow up: Success! I got approval to go to the conference in Chicago at the end of March! I'm really looking forward to meeting others who are going.

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Remember to tell your boss "Thanks" by implementing this stuff and walking the walk through the Horstman Curve.

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Chuck, that is great! I know you will get a lot out of it (as well as a lot out of the others attendees).