:?: Has anyone used the Outlook Plug-In by NetCentrics for the GTD methodology from David Allen's book? There is a 30-day trial, but I do not want to be bombarded by pop-ups, etc. if I choose to not purchase it at end of trial.

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I used it for a couple of years, before I moved to a more substatively paper-based system; I had it very well integrated with my Blackberry as well. It won't bug you at the end of the trial - remember that you're supposed to uninstall it if you choose not to go beyond the trial as well, though.


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Thank you

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There's another thread here where one of the forum users (Cedric) makes available his extensive work on an Outlook system.

When you ask nicely, he emails it to you. It's a nice PDF.


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I've used it, decided to give it up, but then realized I need it to better deal with my email. It has some nice features to help you deal with the onslaught of email effectively - even if you don't use Outlook Tasks for managing your to do list.

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Another option to check out is a tool called Jello Dashboard:

It does allow you to take the built-in tasks and put them into Projects and in Context.

There are also a lot of good ideas in the book "Total Workday Control":