The author is in line with much of the MT guidance, but provides a roadmap for where the meetings can go, and how to deal with the various eventualities. As a high D / high C type my urge is to always dive in and start solving problems, but sometimes the best thing to do is be quiet and listen to what's being said.

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I'm glad you shared this.  I was about to, and saw your posting already here.

Its a great read, and may illuminate some of the MT guidance by saying similar things in different words.

Dennis Sherman

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It's a great article and worth sharing.  Thank you. 

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I found his blog before finding Manager Tools. He's not 100% in agreement, but covers a lot of the same topics. Effective meetings (especially no laptops), O3s (or 1:1 in his nomenclature), and so on.

His book "Managing Humans" is also a good read, although it mostly rehashes what's available on the blog.


Chris Arguin