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Just looking for a bit of advice on something....

My organisation has a structure something like this:

Junior Test Consultant

Test Consultant

Senior Test Consultant (5-10 directs)

Test Team Lead (10-30 directs)

Test Manager (30+ directs)

I've just been promoted to Senior and I'm gradually learning about the nuances of managing people and my own new workload.

An opportunity has been offered to rise to Test Manager in fairly quick succession (a couple of months). While I do believe in my own abilities I also feel I've got quite a bit to learn!

Is it OK to put the brakes on a bit? Or does that show that I lack ambition?

Responses much appreciated!





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My immediate thought is that this is a "dangle" -- listen to the podcast for more.

Do not worry about Test Manager until you have an actual offer for an actual position.

In the meantime, congratulations on your promotion to Senior Test Consultant, and good luck as you learn how to do well in your job. The better you do in this position, the better you'll feel when and if the next promotion comes.

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On investigating that cast and surrounding material it certainly has the characteristics of a dangle! Mainly because the people who are saying it don't really have the authority to make that promise (as outside consultants to the organisation I'm currently at).

Thanks flexiblefine, basically its currently all talk and best not to be too concerned until it actually happens.

Thanks for the congratulations too, I'm really enjoying managing a small team, some things have gone great, some not so great. A positive experience all in all.


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You've got to combine the "dangle" guidance with our guidance on ALWAYS accepting opportunities for internal interviews.  Interviewing is NOT accepting or even saying you will accept.

Interview.  Turn it down if you think it's a dangle.


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Mark says "Interview. Turn it down if you think it's a dangle."

I don't understand. I thought a dangle was a "...and then in five years, if all goes well, we'll make you CEO..." kind of thing. But if the_kaiser is offered the position, if he's in a position to accept it or turn it down, isn't it a job offer?