I've just been handed a list of documented feedback from another department about a team of mine. Some of this is new feedback, some old. I feel the majority of it is relevant, but there is more than one item and lots of example. What is the best way to approach this with my direct given there are multiple bits of feedback to share?

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The MT community uses the word "feedback" in a very specific way.  Let's assume this document is NOT that kind of feedback.

Is it mostly criticism?  

Is it factual and behavioral, or is characterizations?   (Factual:  "the report underestimated actual costs by 40%."    Behavioral:  "team member X has been at least 10 minutes late to four of our last five project meetings."   Characterization:  "He's sloppy.  She's lazy.") 

Here are two podcasts that can help you:

John Hack

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Those casts are good and they help, but the main question is about the delivery due to the extensive list of the feedback.

There are about 20 behavioral things here to be fed back... The majority are event/behaviour issues, I've culled the characterizations.