I've been just dealing with this for a while, but had to finally ask.

I can't get the site to log me in when using Google Chrome. I have to use Firefox when visiting the site. I use Chrome for everything else, but this site doesn't seem to do anything when I try to log in with Chrome.

Has anyone else had trouble logging into the site using Chrome?

I have the latest version, cookies & javascript enabled.... the only thing I can think of is I access it through a proxy at work, but this doesn't affect any other sites I use.

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I'm using Google Chrome on my Mac to access MT, and see no problems.

Scott Delinger

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Well, I've brought the laptop home and connected to my home wifi, but without going through my VPN, Works great! Seems like it must be some kind of issue with the proxy server. Anyone have a suggestion out there? Otherwise, I'll just have to keep both browsers available.

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I've just recently noticed some oddities with the site, running Chrome through a proxy (the "Recent Forum Activity" wasn't updating, even with a force reload); dropping the proxy out of the mix fixed it (I run a personal proxy on my local machine to cache content, so I can easily disable it if I want to -- it also means that it's unlikely to be a problem with the proxy software, because I can guarantee we're using different software).

My guess would be that something has changed on the MT site fairly recently that doesn't play well with proxies; things weren't playing up like this about a week ago when I last visited the site.

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Sorry, nothing has changed recently with the site. Regardless, I'll have someone take a look.