My wife recently was fired from her job. I am trying to a help her put together a good succinct response to those types of questions.  

She was only in the position about 8 months. She was a nurse manager, and it was her first time in a manager role. She had made the unlikely jump to a manager role while also switching hospitals/clinics. 
She was essentially fired to due politics, although they are calling it performance. She had been given some corrective feedback, but never had any indications that her performance was such that her job was in jeopardy. She had issues with one of the members of her staff, who was one of the favorites of the medical director. Although, he was not officially in charge of the clinic operations, everybody followed his lead. In fact he was the one who told her they were going to restructure the clinic and were transitioning her out of her role(ie layoff, not performance). Her boss was not even aware this was happening and neither was human resources so neither was prepared. There was no restructuring plan and now her former direct has now taken over part of her former responsibilities.
As you can understand, it happened very suddenly and she was not really prepared. For an interesting twist, they have yet to take her off their systems and she is being assisted with placement within the same hospital system.  Not something they would normally do for someone fired for performance.   
Any suggestions? 

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There are two casts addressing this, (Getting Fired Part 1, Part 2).  Mark & Mike articulate what to do in this situation very well and I recommend she listen to it herself.

My key takeaway from this cast is the interviewer doesn't really want the entire, dramtic back-story to the firing.  They want one, concise sentence that assures them they're interviewing someone confident in their abilities and not an extremist.  Some interviewers will ask for a second sentence.  She needs to prepare three.

  Good luck to your wife, I'm sure she'll bounce back from this setback

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If it comes up, just say there was a restructuring. Lots of healthcare organizations are going through restructuring right now.