Hi I am not sure how to answer this question, I have listened to the relevant podcast and my leadership style is one of engagement, empowerment and delegation. But I am also capable of using other styles when required such as directive, pace setting etc how do I fit this into the answer?

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It's hard to know how to answer without knowing the question being asked, and the context.  Is it a phone interview, an in-person interview, or a written answer of some kind?  What sort of position is it you're interviewing for?  Has the interviewer given any indication as to whether they prefer in-depth or short, "just the facts, ma'am" answers?

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It would be a face-face interview, the postion would be for a head of operations in a Primary Care position (mainly leading clinicians - hundreds) basically 1/3 of the company.

I imagine the question would sound something like "can you describe your management/leadership style" and would be a fairly in depth answer. 4-6 mins

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You've got time in a 4-minute answer to say you're not locked in to a particular set of methods. Your answer outline might be something like this:

"My leadership style is one of engagement, empowerment and delegation. Here's an example of creating and maintaining engagement, here's an exmaple of empowering people, and here's an example of delegation. Every project reaches a point where other methods may be needed, so I can also be more directive, as in this case, or be more concerned with pace setting, as in that case."

Having that transitional device in there -- "sometimes I need to change methods" -- helps you show that one style does not fit all situations, and shows that you've seen enough to know that.

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I have been asked that question.  And I answered: "My style is situational.  Depending on what is required I will be consulative, collaborative, or directive.  I believe in empowering my staff etc etc etc. 

Then I provide some examples quickly to outline this.  ie During a major incident where decisions need be made hard and fast, I will direct staff clearly into what I have decided needs to be done. and so on.