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"The Power Of Habit" is a very interesting book in the vein of Malcolm Gladwell's work.

The book is basically divided into three areas: (1) Personal Habits, (2) Corporate Habits and (3) Societal Habits.   I would also use that same ranking to describe how useful and actionable the sections are.  The bit on Personal Habits could be a real life changer for some; but by the time the book's thesis is extended to Societal habits I really felt the author was over simplifying his examples.

From a management standpoint, you will learn how to spot your bad habits and substitute more effective behaviour.  The Corporate section has numerous facinating stories about how habits were leveraged and/or changed to make companies successful.  For example:

- Paul O'Neil turned around Alcoa Steel by changing one keystone habit that had ripple effects throughout the entire business.

- The story behind Proctor & Gamble's failed launch of Febreze, and how customer habits enabled them to turn around the product

- How Starbucks' Howard Schultz uses his employee training programs to create habits that change lives and have a direct affect on the company's success

- How Target collects enough customer data to enable them to start selling pregnancy products to customers who haven't even told people they are pregnant

I found the book really facinating and well worth the time.   I've started to use the data on how personal habits work to get better results for myself; and the corporate examples have really got me thinking about how I can optimise the habits of my work team to be most effective.


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I agree wholeheartedly with MarkMT's review of "The Power of Habit."

I found the book informative and an easy read.  MarkMT's review provides a good summary.

Was able to download it to the Kindle app as a free download from our local library.  This forced me to read it in 14-days; actually finished it in seven!



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 I actually liked this book quite a bit and agree with Mark's assessment that the first section on personal habits was the most powerful.


I used the model of habits in this book to re-engineer one of my own personal habits that I had been trying to change for ages (nail biting). The changes have stuck and I feel free of the nail biting habit now.


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