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Should I use my personal or company email address to communicate with my HR department about an internal application?

My personal address and cell phone number are on my resume, but I could change that, of course.

In this particular case, there's full transparency with my boss that I'm being considered for the new role but not with my team of directs.

Any guidance on this? On the matter more generally?

Thank you!

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I haven't gone through the  MT series, so I don't know if it's against MT recommendations, but I would include the contact info that you want/expect them to use.  Last time I was on the market, my resume was tailored to each position, includeing contact info for internal job postings.

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I would use my personal email address and recommend you do the same. I would do this mostly as a point of record. While you're not trying to hide anything from your boss, they may still want to have your resume on file. If they try to contact you in a few years about another position (when you may not be working there) it may be better to have your personal email address.

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For an internal application I'd use my internal email. 

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Keep your personal email on the resume.
Where I work they still use both to contact you in the event of an interview or an offer.
It will really depend on how observant the recruiter is.
I have had to juggle replies through both accounts for the same position.
Using your personal email will help you in the event that you leave the company (under good terms) in the event that a future opportunity presents itself.

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I just went through this and my HR actually said they would prefer that I used my company issued cell and email.  Apparantly, it is actually something near to a policy for internal hires at my company.  HR had an assumption that company issued contact info would have faster response times (which is probably true).  I was inclined to use personal email and phone, but obviously in my case, I did not.

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Responses seem pretty split on this one. I'm habituated to the use of personal contact information, so I'll default that way. I have no direct guidance from my company, and it avoids the potential of an email spotted by a team member during the course of a meeting.

I appreciate your weighing in, all. Many thanks.