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So I am in the hunt for a new opportunity and found a few I am interested in but have an issue: I do not have a suit that fits for any possible interviews I can snag. I have dress slacks and shirts and a Brooks Brothers navy blazer and that won't fit for long. I've lost 40 pounds over the past few months and am averaging 10 pounds per month. I expect to continue to lose least another 40 pounds. All of my suits are way too big and alterations aren't possible after all this weight. I am the sole wage earner as my wife sacrifices to stay home and care for my parents (Alzheimer's) so cash is something I need to be careful with.

Any suggestions? Is my only option to pony up the money for a decent suit and cross my fingers I get in the door for an interview before it no longer fits? I can alter it again but for how long? Another 40 and that's too much.

Is it acceptable to wear dress slacks, shirt, tie, and a blazer? Can I explain prior to the interview? Is this something they would understand (generally speaking)?

I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks in advance!



PS - Obviously, there is no guarantee I even get an interview any time soon...which makes the purchase of a new suit even harder to swallow. And waiting until my "weight loss run ends" isn't really a feasible option in my mind.

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What sort of roles and companies are you going for 13B? That'll help in working out what sort of attire is acceptable.

If a suite is a mandatory, I get my suites from a bespoke online taylor. They do take about four weeks but being bespoke, they have room on the seams for tayloring to the changing body. Last time I ordered one it cost me $130 AUD with two trousers. (Hint: Millitary taylors are amazing with jobs like this if you live near one)

Another possibility is charity shops (don't laugh!). I suited myself for the first five years after leaving school with some pretty amazing schmutter that I got taylored.Hope this helps a little

Hope this helps a little



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Check the thrift shops. I've given away some real nice suits because they didn't fit any more (not for the reasons your clothes don't fit any more - somehow mine started shrinking over time just hanging in the closet). It's hit and miss on sizes, but it's very worth checking out.

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First off - someone needs to say well done on losing 40 pounds.  It is a tremendous feat - and you deserve congratulations!

Second - I like the approach of using a thrift store combined with a good tailor.  Even a cheap suit can be made to look a few hundred dollars nicer with a good tailor.  Men's Wearhouse has pretty good prices - so that is where I buy my jackets.  My last couple suits came from Mervyn's - but after a good tailor it looks great.

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First off congrats on losing the weight! that is an amazing feet- I lost 60 lbs recently and it was an amazing feeling. I budgeted about $500 when I got within about 10 lbs. I went to the nordstroms outlet and got one of their frequent cards (Its free and you can link it to you bank account if you dont want a credit card. 

They offer free tailoring for any suits that you buy there (up to $100). I bought 3 calvin klien suits, three dress shirts and had them tailored for under $500. 


Hope that helps!