My contract got sneakily terminated by client citing "no teamfit" without informing me. Why?

A broker "B" was reaping 70% off my earnings. It all started when i told "B" about unhappiness with my payrolling contract. Then, i asked "C" (client) if i could work directly with him. C said, they cant, as the agreement is between them and B. Then i noticed, my job being advertised. WTF?!?!

B keeps me "employed" only for duration of his agreement with C, until 7-apr-2017.
C hiring manager was positive with my work quality. Another manager praised my work quality openly at a team meeting.

I've been at client "C" since 6-Sep-2016 (contract stops 7-apr-2017).

B=the broker
C=the client, big organization

The events.
- Early Feb-2017
==> informed B that i am unhappy, and seek different contract.
==> informed C about my intentions, and reasons

- End Feb-2017
==> My job appears on a job board. Without informing me.

- Beginning March-2017
==> Hiring manager officially informs me about contract terminated citing 'not fitting in the team'.

* The hiring manager isn't manager-tools manager. Its someone from operations promoted to rolepower.
* I've initiated biweekly 1-on-1s, lasting 3 minutes, and the feedback from her was mostly positive.
* I've asked the hiring manager personally about the way my contract was terminated an she "will get back to me". Thats 3 weeks ago already.
* The thing about teamfit was NEVER mentioned. Not until they cited it as reason to terminate.
* Personally, i am a relative quiet person.
* Nobody complained about me. Which was acknowledged by the hiring manager.
* I've been listening to all MT Podcast since Aug-2006.
* I've requested a feedback session with the departmental manager, to get tips on my performance.

Why was my contract terminated?
Why so sneaky?

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I'll give you the hard opinion. From the broker's point of view, you tried to stiff him and became a risk to his reputation and income.

As an aside, you can't complain about him being 'sneaky' when you had already tried to cut him out of the deal.

I'm sorry of this comes accross as blunt, it is a point of view from the other side of the table.


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First, I'm sorry that your contract is getting terminated. That's no fun at all. I agree with timrutter above in that your company is probably doing this because you tried to cut them out of the loop. If I started to compete with my employer, I'm sure that I wouldn't be able to work here for very long either. That being said, let's focus on the future and what you can do now. 

I would start with the Interview Series here on MT. It's fantastic and has helped me land my last couple of jobs. In addition to that, I would listen to the series on getting fired. That will get you comfortable with explaining the situation, and help you prepare a strategic answer to help you land a great job sooner than you otherwise would. If you've still got some extra time, Career Tools has a great series on How to Choose a Company (you can find it in the Map of the Universe under transitions and job searches). Beyond that, make sure you start warming up your network as that will be the most effective tool for identifying and applying to new positions. 

Again, I want to say I'm sorry that you're in this hard situation. I hope that it can end as soon as possible and that you can find a great job that will be a good fit for you.