As part of a department reorganisation some of the reporting lines are changing.  In my role I currently report to a technical manager which under the new structure would see me on parity with my current boss.  He’s suggested that we keep the same reporting lines rather than me ‘move up’.   My job description doesn’t change and I still will work and collaborate with the same folks.  So, my question is, does a report line really matter if relationships are good and work gets done?  I’m interested to hear what the pluses and minuses could be.  Thanks in advance 

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Sounds like the decision has already been made and you are or will be on the same level as your former boss- is that right? Is he threatened by the re-org or by the idea of losing you as his direct report?

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Yes, that’s correct I will be on the same level on the organagram.  The reason he’s suggested keeping me as a direct report is that I would still need to interact with some of his team to assist in some of my tasks - he feels it might be easier if I report to him.  Personally I’m not 100% convinced as there could be a dotted line (rather than a solid line) connecting me to him if he feels that strongly. For me the intent of the original question was more along the lines of if you’ve already got a good working relationship does a report line really matter that much?

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I'm hearing that you are being moved to a new level parallel to your current boss. That would assume that you would have a "new boss". This new boss may have some input on you reporting to them vs to your current boss. I would assume that those up the chain that developed this new structure had some reasons for your position moving and ultimately reporting to someone else. I would hesitate to work against that and instead find a way to work effectively with your current boss and their team in your new position. I don't think you interacting with his team is a strong enough reason to reject the reorg and it's reporting changes. Have you discussed this with your "new boss" yet?