Hi Guys,

You have covered a lot insightfull, helpfull topics in your podcasts, however one is still missing: Salary negotiations.

I am an non-management Information Analyst in a small 13-man ICT Outsourcing company, being employed about one year now.
I strongly believe in my own competence, plus abilities and willingness to learn new things so as to benefit my work career -- effectivley enhancing my marketibility to clients.

BUT: How can i tackle negotiating my salary?

In a recent talk with my boss i said that we should arrange a talk about salary, his reply was that we disuss it in December, keeping in mind a 4 months backlog and a performance review. I bravely kept a smiling enthusiatic face..

I am totally in the dark on how to handle the salary negotiations effectivley.

Please produce a podcast for listeners like me.

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It's unlikely. If you've read our posts on the subject, you'll discover that we generally don't believe in it. Salary is rarely "negotiated" except at the very top levels, and those discussions involve lawyers and compensation consultants.

It's not exactly on point, but you'll get a flavor of my thoughts here:

Thanks for the input.